About us

About us

Empowered by Innovation

22Years Of Tech & Media Expertise

We provide cutting-edge, innovative, and intelligent technology solutions.

Our Vision

To creatively and innovatively deliver the platforms and technologies that improve life.


Perceptive Media Technologies is a full-service technology firm founded to provide cutting-edge, innovative, and intelligent solutions.

Our objective is to build trusted relationships with our clients in order to provide them with effective and dependable technological solutions.

Our team possesses a highly developed skill set acquired over decades of expertise in information technology, Engineering, Media Services, and business operations in a wide range of industry sectors.

Our expertise sets us apart from others in offering solutions that promise increased operational efficiency, improved productivity, and cost savings to all of our clients, regardless of industry.

We deliver more efficient, effective, and relevant quality solutions that are customised for the increasingly complex demands of organisations in order to increase operational productivity and maximise value for our clients.

PMT creates advantages for organisations by providing the tools and technology for efficiency.

Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act.” – Sukant Ratnakar